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About Peace Studies

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Peace Today

Peace is more than the absence of war. It is also the presence of justice. Peace is providing the basic necessities of life for every human being; eliminating violence, oppression, greed and environmental destruction; and working through conflict at home, at work and between nations.

Why Support Peace Studies?

War is not a necessary human affliction. Its waste and destruction can be eliminated—as various diseases have been eliminated— through concerted human effort that begins with intellectual inquiry. Students in Peace Studies develop an awareness that humanity can and must find alternative means to resolve conflict-means that do not include war or violence. MU contributes to the understanding of alternatives to war and violence through peace education, research, planning and action, leading students to methods to a stable peace that will not just be an intermission between wars.

Opportunities for Students of Peace Studies

"Thanks for making me realize that
something can and must be done
about the state of this planet."

Student in Peace Studies

MU's graduates in peace studies, with their interdisciplinary bachelor of arts degree, have the same job opportunities as other liberal arts and sciences graduates. Some Peace Studies graduates pursue advanced degrees in related fields, such as political science, history and sociology Others attend professional schools of journalism, law or education or enroll in master's and doctorate programs in peace studies. Aside from the academic opportunities in this expanding field, the Peace Studies degree prepares students for constructive work in the many public interest groups that lobby, educate and work for a more peaceful world.

Mizzou's Mission

The mission of Peace Studies at MU is to provide high-quality education and to stimulate critical thinking on issues that affect the future of humanity. The program educates students and community members in a variety of ways, from formal courses to public lectures. The refined and expanded undergraduate curriculum is enhanced by the outstanding Peace Perspectives Lectures that bring to campus nationally and internationally known experts. Workshops, faculty presentations and extension courses directed toward a broad audience draw together students and members of the community.

Unique in Missouri

Mizzou's Peace Studies Program, the only degreed program at Missouri's private and public universities, has had a presence on the campus since 1970. At that time it consisted of one course—with no University financial backing—taught by a teaching assistant to a handful of students. With course enrollments now numbering 300 students annually, the program receives growing support from the College of Arts and Science.

Teaching Students to Think

"I learned more about my country
in 16 weeks than I had in 23 years.
This class gave me a totally different
perspective on the reasons for war."

Student in Peace Studies

Peace Studies 1050 introduces students to the program. Through the years, is has become one of the University's most popular courses, averaging more than 100 students each semester. The class challenges students to consider approaches to understanding and solving the urgent social problems facing the nation and the planet. Through guest lectures, young people hear engaging thinkers on campus, as well as local and national peace activists who explain their hands-on treatment of problems.

For more information about courses in the Peace Studies program, or how to join the peace studies mission, please contact Clarence Lo, the program director.