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an interdisciplinary program in the College of Arts and Science

The Peace Studies Program draws from a variety of courses that address the issue of peace and justice. The interdisciplinary nature of the program enables a student to pursue the concepts and realities of peace, war, violence, and justice from a variety of perspectives:

  • Social, political and cultural roots of conflict
  • Economics of war and peace
  • Distribution of the world’s wealth
  • Peace and the treatment of the environment
  • Peaceful and non-peaceful uses of technology
  • Moral and religious views of war and peace, justice and violence
  • Images of peace and violence in literature and the arts
  • Nonviolent social change and resolution of conflicts
  • History of pacifism and nonviolent resistance to oppression
  • Strategies for promoting global cooperation and world order
  • Anticipation and prevention of aggression and armed conflict

The issues are examined at all levels–personal, group and international. Courses provide a basis for dealing with issues in a realistic way, explore principles and values necessary to set practical goals, and inventory methods for pursuing them effectively. Field experience in organizations that deal with injustice, human needs, and conflict is an integral component of core courses. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the program, most of the course are cross-listed with courses in other departments.

The programs

  • major in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Peace Studies
  • major in International Studies with an emphasis in Peace Studies
  • minor in Peace Studies
  • Peace Studies Catalog