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MU Peace Studies - Online Summer Courses, 2016

This summer we offer an online introduction to peace studies, as well as courses on international conflict resolution, global warming, nuclear weapons, Cuba, and concentrated animal production.  We will also offer a face to face course on the MU campus on ISIS, violence, and guns.

Wherever your summer plans may take you, our summer online courses can be counted for all of the major minor and general education requirements that a conventional face to face course would fulfill.  If you will have no internet access during a large part of the summer session, we offer an self-paced course on Human Rights for which the assignments can be completed at your own pace during the summer and finished up in fall 2016.

All  our courses are taught by PhD’s and leading scholars who will impart their expertise so you can think critically and be engaged the issues that we face as citizens in our interdependent world.