Fall 2016 Online Courses

A special message for Peace Studies Director Clarence Lo

In Fall 2016 students will have the unique opportunity of engaging with Philosophy professor Jack Kultgen as he teaches  a new online course, Peace Studies 2410, Philosophies of War and Peace.

This online course is based on a course that Kultgen taught to MU students for decades.  The course contrasts the concepts of Militarism, Political Realism, Just War Theory, and Pacifism, to clarify whether or not to go to war, how war should be fought, and when and how war should be terminated.  Alternatives to war and violence are illustrated.  To get a sense of how philosophical reasoning can illuminate the issues of war and peace, read excerpts from an in-depth interview with Professor Kultgen.

Some of Kultgen's formative experiences were in Texas where he was a leader in Civil Rights activity,  as portrayed in an article in the Peace Studies Communique, based on an oral history interview.