Digital Storytelling

What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital Storytelling brings the ancient art of telling stories to life using technology. While the art of storytelling has been around for thousands of years, the advent of personal computers and approachable communication technologies has allowed storytelling to become digital.

The ability to personalize stories with pictures and personal narration gives the story special meaning not only for the creator, but for the listeners. Digital Storytelling provides new ways to combine various technology mediums such as graphics, audio, video, animation and web site publishing to create powerful stories for all to see and hear. Below are some examples of digital storyteller from Native Americans in the United States.

Listening Ground addresses the endangered orality of tribal American people in this digital age.  Great care is being given to keep the integrity of the oral tradition transmissions as we archive and preserve these timeless stories and ancient wisdom for future generations. Listening Ground is a project of HAMAATSA

Larry Littlebird’s Listening Ground Podcasts 

Wisdom of the Elders, Inc. records and preserves traditional cultural values, oral history, prophesy and other messages of guidance from indigenous elders in order to regenerate the greatness of culture among today’s and future generations of native peoples. Wisdom of the Elders also acknowledges the need for reconciliation between Indian and non-Indian groups. As part of its race reconciliation mission, Wisdom of the Elders strives to share their stories and cultural values with all peoples using public radio and documentary production, book publishing, and other educational venues in collaboration with diverse cultural organizations and educational institutions.

Discovering Our Story - The Discovering Our Story Website shares stories as a traditional native practice, and it provides a vehicle for learning. It is the developers hope that by sharing the stories and accompanying lessons will re-awaken and help you remember your own story. In the interviews that follow, the storytellers reveal how they experienced being "lost," and they also share how they found their way to eventually returning to a meaningful life.

Digital Storytelling