Peace Studies Courses Online Summer 2019

A new course in “Public Health, Social Justice, Health Activism,” will be offered summer 2019 online as Peace Studies 2294.  (3 credits for behavioral science Gen Ed )

Another new online course!  Author and Professor Karen Piper teaches Peace Studies 2005/ English 2009: “Girls, Bombs, Danger & Writing”

In addition this summer, “Artificial Intelligence Big Data: Social, Political, Ethical Issues,” will be offered online as Peace Studies 2291 (3 credits for social science Gen Ed).   

Nuclear Weapons (Peace Studies 2200, 2200W)  Take it as a Health course as well.
Sports Protest Movements (Peace Studies 2288, 2288W)
Conspiracies, Popular Imagination, Evidence (Peace Studies 2287)
Concentrated Animals Ecology (Peace Studies 2600, 2600W)
Introduction to Peace Studies (1050, 1050W) 

MAYMESTER COURSE    face to face for 9 days beginning May 20,  2019
Rise of Hitler: Politics and Society in Germany
9:00AM - 11:40AM   daily
Kyle Miller, PhD
PEA_ST 2004 – Topics.   Or take it as a German course.

See MyZou for more information about these courses, and please e-mail  with any questions or requests for flyers.  Thanks !

Peace Studies 2200 Flyer
Public Health and Social Justice Flyer
Peace Studies 2288 Flyer