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Peace Studies  2291
IT: Facilitation and Constraint for the Creative Mind on Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous vehicles are being tested now on public streets, yet laws are just beginning to address this new concept. Will digital currencies replace the banking system and ATM’s spitting out $20 bills? This is not a how to do it course in computer science. It’s a course about the employment impacts of high technology...

assembly line

Big Data and the effects on our social life 


and the way we think.

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Read about the leading hi-tech visionaries and share your ideas with other students.

Counts toward the General Education credit in the Behavioral Sciences

Instructor: Curtis Edwards, ABD in doctoral program in Sociology.  On the previous course he taught online, he scored 5  out of  5 on teaching evaluation questionnaires.

“Fantastic class! It is very challenging but the professors are very supportive and motivate to understand and form your own ideas. Great selection of material. I am very happy my advisor recommended it for my writing intensive class. (Curtis, you did a fantastic job! Your feedback was so helpful).”

“The material, connections, and relevancy were incredible!”

“I enjoyed the material and connection to current events.”

“The subject matter of this course is especially relevant to social events and issues of today, and the content provided included helpful current event items along with the historical content.

The material was amazing!

Throughly enjoyed the subject matter/topics we discussed.”

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