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Peace Studies  2291
IT: Facilitation and Constraint for the Creative Mind on Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous vehicles are being tested now on public streets, yet laws are just beginning to address this new concept. Will digital currencies replace the banking system and ATM’s spitting out $20 bills? This is not a how to do it course in computer science. It’s a course about the employment impacts of high technology...

Mehr Galliher Peace Fellowship

The Peace Studies Program announces the inauguration of the Mehr Galliher Peace Fellowship, to be awarded primarily at the postdoctoral level to scholars preparing grants to the MU Peace Studies Program for research and/or teaching.  Possible uses for the fellowship include residential postdoctoral fellowships, supplements to sabbaticals, summer fellowships, and research travel.  Activity should be in one of the focus areas or initiatives of MU Peace Studies, especially the initiative of Technological Futures, National Security, and Civil Liberties.