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Andrew Hoberek
Director of the Peace Studies Program

232 Tate Hall

Clarence Lo
Associate Professor of Sociology

Curriculum Vitae

David Criger
MA, ABD, Doctoral Program in Sociology, University of Missouri at Columbia.

Criger is the instructor in charge of teaching Peace Studies 1050, Introduction to Peace Studies.

Bill Wickersham
Adjunct Professor of Peace Studies

Co-author of the book Confronting Nuclear War: The Role of Education, Religion and The Community,

Bill Wickersham was a lifelong activist for peace.    An EdD from the University of Missouri, Wickersham was a pioneer in organizations that engaged citizens in conversations pointing to needed education and research.  While a professor at MU, Wickersham taught new courses and brought in speakers on the war in Vietnam and nuclear disarmament.  He played a leading role at MU following the shootings at Kent State, both raising issues and moving toward a resolution of the conflicts between students and the administration.  Wickersham later held numerous positions in NGOs and at colleges, including a stint as Executive Director of the World Federalist Association in Washington, D.C..  Wickersham returned to MU in 1995 and became an Adjunct Professor of Peace Studies.

Short interview with Bill Wickersham conducted in 2017 

Reflections of a University of Missouri Peace Activist 1962-1970,
By Bill Wickersham

Media coverage of the 1970 student protests:
“At the height of anti-war sentiment, the Quad was a center for dissent, demonstrations
The Quad

Works about community peace education
“Confronting Nuclear War: The Role of Education, Religion and the Community”
Bill Wickersham and Jared Gassen

“The Missouri University Nuclear Disarmament Education Team (MUNDET) “

Nuclear Disarmament Now

Social and Psychological Obstacles to Nuclear Disarmament Education and Promotion

Jamil Wekhian
Graduate Instructor, MU by courtesy; teaching assistant for Peace Studies 1050

ABD, Doctoral Program in International Conflict Management, Kennesaw State University; BA Psychology, University of Amman, Jordan

Wekhian has taught PEA_ST 2003 - Topics in Peace Studies: Behavioral Science: Perspectives on Peace in the Middle East

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the program, many of the program's faculty have principal appointments in other departments. Some of the faculty teaching cross-listed Peace Studies courses include:

John Galliher
Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Professor Galliher served as the Director of the Peace Studies Program from 1995 to 2011.

Michael Grinfeld
Associate Professor of Journalism

Professor Grinfeld teaches Peace Studies 4830/Journalism 4830, Journalism and Conflict

Joanna Hearne
Associate Professor of English and Film Studies, Kemper Fellow

Professor Hearne co-teaches Peace Studies 3496, Digital Indigenous Studies

Abdulahi Ibrahim
Professor Emeritus of History

Professor Ibrahim teaches a peace studies topics course, Islam and the West

Victoria Johnson
Associate Professor of Sociology

Professor Johnson teaches Peace Studies 3400/Sociology 3400, Politics of the Media; and Peace Studies 3520/Sociology3520, Collective Behavior

Bill Kerwin
Professor of English, Kemper Fellow

Professor Kerwin teaches a peace studies topics course, Shakespeare’s Histories on War and Peace

John Kultgen
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

Professor Kultgen is a member of the Peace Studies Faculty Committee.

David Mehr
Professor of Family and Community Medicine, Chair of the Peace Studies Faculty Committee

Kerby Miller
Curators’ Professor of History, Kemper Fellow, Guggenheim Fellow

Professor Miller teaches three courses in the history of Ireland. He is a member of the Peace Studies Faculty Committee.

Mark Palmer
Associate Professor of Geography

Professor Palmer co-teaches Peace Studies 3496, Digital Indigenous Studies

Ibitola Pearce
Professor Pearce teaches Peace Studies 4550/ WGST 4550, Gender and Human Rights in Cross Cultural Perspective

Sandy Rikoon
Curators’ Professor of Rural Sociology and Associate Dean for Research at the College of Agriculture

Professor Rikoon teaches Peace Studies 1120/ Rural Sociology 1120, Population and Environment and is a member of the Peace Studies Faculty Committee

Michael Ugarte
Professor of Romance Languages, Catherine Middlebush Professor, Kemper Fellow, Guggenheim Fellow

Professor Ugarte teaches Peace Studies 2320/ Spanish 2320, Spanish Literature in Translation: Civil War in Spain. He serves on the Peace Studies Faculty Committee, chairs the speakers subcommittee of the faculty committee, and is a former director of the Peace Studies Program.

Professors Dabir Viswanath, Mark Prelas, and Tushar Ghosh

co-teach Peace Studies 4330/Nuclear Engineering 4330, Science and Technology of Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Paul Wallace
Professor Emeritus of Political Science

Professor Wallace teaches Peace Studies 3230/Honors 3230, Terrorism & Conflict Resolution: Religious, Ethnic & Ideological Politics, through the MU Honors College.

Among our former Graduate Instructors, Dr. Lindy Hern, PhD,  now is Assistant Professor at the University of Hawai’i at Hilo, having also taught at Manchester College, Indiana.  Stephen Barnard, PhD, was a Mizzou Advantage Postdoctoral Fellow 2012-2013, was Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer, Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies, University of Denver, and now is Assistant Professor at St. Lawrence University.  Jesse Van Gerven is instructor (renewable) in the Science, Technology, and Society Program at Butler University.  Joshua Olsberg, PhD, is Lecturer at SMU.

Arts and Science Peace Studies Faculty Committee

The A&S Peace Studies Faculty Committee is composed of faculty members with an interest in peace studies who teach courses cross-listed with the program. The charge of the committee is to set policy and facilitate the academic program of Peace Studies.

  • Mamadou Badiane, Romance Languages
  • Miriam Golomb, Biological Science
  • Monika Fischer, German and Russian Studies; Associate Director, MU Honors College
  • Joanna Hearn, English
  • Ted Koditschek, History
  • John Kultgen, Philosophy
  • James Levin, Center for Dispute Resolution, School of Law
  • David Mehr, Family and Community Medicine, Chair of the Peace Studies Faculty Committee
  • Kerby Miller, History
  • Karen Piper, English
  • Amit Prasad, Sociology
  • Sandy Rikoon, Rural Sociology
  • David Schenker, Classical Studies
  • Donna Strickland, English
  • Michael Ugarte, Romance Languages

Ex officio:

  • J. Kenneth Benson, auditor, Friends of Peace Studies; Professor Emeritus, Sociology
  • Clarence Lo, Director of Peace Studies Program