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MU Peace Studies
Online Summer Courses, 2016

This summer the MU Peace Studies program is offering new courses to compliment its popular online courses about issues of peace, justice, and sustainability. 

Digital Indigenous Studies 
MU Peace Studies has taken the lead in securing a grant from Mizzou Advantage to develop a website specializing in Indigenous heritages and significant locations in the state of Missouri. MU Professors Joanna Hearne and Mark Palmer will teach a course in Fall 2014, Peace Studies/English/Geography 3496, where students will creatively combine combine video, geographic information systems, documents, and Indigenous languages and narratives.

Immigration, Exile, and Cultures
Award-winning MU faculty Michael Ugarte and Kerby Miller have won major awards for both their teaching and scholarship; both continue their research into the cultural changes and conflicts brought about by the history of immigration throughout the globe, from Africa to Spain and into the New World, and from Ireland to the US. As faculty and future faculty discover, so do undergraduate students likewise discover in Peace Studies classes.

Technological Futures, National Security, and Civil Liberties
The internet has opened new possibilities around the world, but to keep secure, must we give up our ideals of liberty, justice and rights?  In order to bring a wide range of views on these questions to MU, Peace Studies co-sponsored civil rights attorney and activist Glenn Greenwald to speak at the MU Law School in September 2012.

Activist Legacy Project
The Friends of Peace Studies has launched the Activist Legacy Project, an effort to preserve the personal legacy of peace activism.  The project focuses on  the individual activists who engaged in direct action, inspired others and, through his or her unique personal experiences, and developed a critical understanding of what is effective and valuable. Chris Robinson, President of the Friends of Peace Studies, explains.


There are no upcoming events at this time. Please check back.

The Peace Studies program upholds university values and works with the Chancellor's Diversity Initiative.