Protest on campus

The Many Voices of Peace Studies:

Celebrating 50 Years

By Debbie Cutler

Peace Studies may not be the largest program on campus, but it is rich in history and even richer in spirit. Over the course of several weeks, Peace Studies talked to more than a dozen individuals everyone from those who conceptualized the program, to its first directors, to its first student, to those on the advisory board, and also those active in Friends of Peace Studies, a group of activists and loyalists to the program.

Nearly everyone spoken to gave a half dozen or so names of others who should be interviewed. Peace studies was not just a movement, it was a program that involved many hands who sacrificed time, wealth, income, reputation ... to make this program happen. Here are a few of those voices. Listen to their stories. Listen to their memories. Listen to their passion. Listen.

Tile photos below from 1971 Savitar. Approximately 500 students and community members gathered Spring 1970 at Mizzou to protest Kent State and Jackson State killings and during anti-war demonstrations.