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Immigration, Exile, and Cultures

UgarteAward-winning MU faculty Michael Ugarte and Kerby Miller have won major awards for both their teaching and scholarship; both continue their research into the cultural changes and conflicts brought about by the history of immigration throughout the globe, from Africa to Spain and into the New World, and from Ireland to the US. As faculty and future faculty discover, so do undergraduate students likewise discover in Peace Studies classes.

Michael Ugarte, professor of Spanish and former director of the Peace Studies program, has written Africans in Europe:The Culture of Exile and Emigration from Equatorial Guinea to Spain (Univ. of Illinois Press, 2010), on immigrants from Africa to Spain and their culture and literature.  Ugarte was interviewed in March, 2013 by Anastacia Schulhoff.  Ugarte began the interview speaking of a current controversy about immigrants to many lands: are they exiles whose human rights have been violated and must be protected, or are they merely seeking a better economic life, and thus can be treated more at the convenience of the host nation?  

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