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International and Civil War and Peace

Memorial Student Union is the venue for many peace studies events and student organization meetings.The Peace Studies program was founded in 1971 by faculty and students concerned with the lives lost in the spread and intensification of the US war in Vietnam. In addition, United States, the former Soviet Union, and their allies were racing to build tens of thousands of nuclear weapons of mass destruction and place them around the world. Currently, faculty associated with the program continue to research and offer courses on these developments.

Steven Starr, Director of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program at the MU University Hospital and Clinics, teaches an online course each summer, Peace Studies 2200, on Nuclear Weapons: Environmental, Health and Social Effects. Starr’s research on the subject has been presented to UN and other international bodies, and published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Peace Studies 2200 Syllabus

Philosophy Professor Jack Kultgen has written extensively on the philosophy and ethnics of war and peace and has taught a course on this topic for decades. Professor Kultgen discusses the moral issues raised by military missions. Kultgen interview

Professor Emeritus Paul Wallace teaches the course Peace Studies 3230H - Terrorism and Conflict Resolution, which deals with religious, ethnic, and ideological movements, and state and international reactions. Case Paul Wallacestudies from South America, Europe, Africa, Asia are dramatized thru discussions, documentaries, role-playing, and a term paper.

The Peace Studies program is active in organizations around the world that promote peace. In Columbia, Missouri, there is an active chapter of Veterans for Peace which includes veterans from America’s wars going back to World War II.

Adjunct Professor of Peace Studies Bill Wickersham, EdD, gives speeches and presentations to community groups around Missouri and the US. Wickersham, Steve Starr, and Jack Kultgen are all active in MUNDET, an advocacy and information group for nuclear disarmament.